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Who's on the bikes ?

"Le plus grand voyageur est celui qui a su faire une fois le tour de lui-même." (Confucius)

How we met...

Olivier's version !

I have to be grateful to the military service! Yes, since I was lucky enough to carry it out in the "Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises" on the archipelago of Crozet, more exactly on the island of "La Possession". A natural zoo, the ornithologist's dream ... more on the following sites ::

http://meekmeek.free.fr/accueil.html : Crozet 38th mission
http://suivi-animal.u-strasbg.fr/alba.htm : My scientific research on the Great Albatross
http://www.amapof.com/ : Animals from the "Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises"
http://crozetvv.free.fr/ : A virtual tour of Crozet
http://www.taaf.fr/index.htm : Official website of the "TAAF" (Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises)

A work in collaboration with the CNRS of Lyon and the CNRS lab of Chizé, on the thermoregulation of the king penguin and the metabolism of the great albatross, occupied me during nearly one year. And then... after 11 months spent in such a particular place, the summer campaign starts. It is the moment when scientists arrive in mass, and the population of the island doubles and goes over 50 people... What a crowd ! During transfers of supply from boat to land, my role was to take down the big supply cases brought by the helicotper from the boat (no dock!), and to help the passengers out of the helicopter... I ended up opening the helicopter door to Amanda! I was so far from knowing how my life was going to change with this young lady...

Amanda's version !

The beginning of my Ph.D. thesis (http://meekmeek.free.Frscienceacous.HTML: research theme) was not only the start of enthralling experiments on acoustic communication in penguins... It brought me on this lost island of Crozet, where I found something esle than just birds !
Things happened a little like as in a fairy tale. I left the boat which had brought us from La Reunion island, to join the base of Crozet by helicopter... (there is no harbour !) At the landing, the whole base (that actually makes only one score of people) was there to greet us, since it had been four months since they last had visitors! Thus the helicopter landed in front of this line of "polar heroes", all dressed with the same green and black coat... and the door opened on a young man with troubling eyes... What followed... we'll keep it to ourselves !