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21 June The first day of summer! We will spend the next two weeks in Palaiseau, making the most of meeting all our friends and family. It 's good to see you all again.
20 June The end of the trip in Palaiseau: WE ARE BACK HOME! Emotion, tears, joy, and already nostalgia...
19 June Arrival in Paris on the esplanade of Notre Dame, on time, at 14h00, with a lot of emotion. A & O will sleep in Paris tonight. Tomorrow they will reach the market square in Palaiseau at 11h30, however they will enter by "boulevard de Barra ", and not by "rue de Paris ", as indicated in the newsletter.
18 June Amanda & Olivier are on a camp site at Annet, near to Meaux. Tomorrow they arrive in Paris!
16 June Amanda & Olivier are not far from the end of their trip! Last night they slept at Mouchy-le-Châtel, with friends they met in Peru!
15 June Near to Soissons, in the rain, but invited in by a friendly family.
12 June Amanda & Olivier are in France, pedalling on the banks of the river Meuse on a superb cycle track. Tonight they make a halt in Haybes.
11 June Amanda & Olivier are in Namur visiting Manuel, a friend. They intend to cross the French border today.
8 June A & O arrived in Mechelen, Belgium, last night. They are delighted to meet Lief and Michel, Belgian friends that they made in Chile. "A day of rest and Internet. "
5 June "A pleasant day in Amsterdam. Good weather! ". Amanda and Oliver are now pedaling south to see friends in Mechelen in Belgium.
4 June "All is well, good weather at last. Holland has cycle tracks everywhere (and they are flat!), and despite the lack of sleep after much talking, we are back on the saddles towards Amsterdam, but via the north and the dike across the 'IJsselmeer ' ".
31 May "Arrived in Holland, bad weather. We are not in a hurry, we have a rendez-vous with the NAZCA (bike) factory in Nivejeen, and with the regional press, on Wednesday afternoon. "
28 May The weather has improved. 125 km today (but only 58 km as the crow flies!). Bivouac on the bank of the Rhine.
26 May Particularly bad weather with stormy rain. "We couldn 't leave the tent before 1p.m., but with a little sun in the afternoon we managed to cover 67 km. Bivouac on the bank of the river Moselle. "
25 May A&O progress North and bivouac this evening on the bank of the Sarre river. The weather is not very good!
19 May "We are with our friends Johanna and Michael in Freiburg (friends we met on the Carretera Austral in south America). It 's great to see them again! "
17 May On the road to Germany and the Black Forest.
16 May "All goes well, except for persistent bad weather, luckily we have many friends and relations to see! " After a halt near to Ollon and another in Vevey, A&O are back on the road tomorrow morning. Their next destination is Freiburg in Germany.
12 May Gex, Geneva,... A&O have been pedalling in the rain, and are now following the south bank of lake Geneva. Tonight they sleep near to Evian, tomorrow they should reach Ollon (back in Switzerland again) to visit some other friends.
8 May After spending two days with Olivier 's uncle Jean-Pierre in Sancia, Amanda and Olivier have met up with some cycling friends in Gex, near the French-Swiss border. They spend the weekend hiking on the slopes of the Mont Blanc (without the bikes!).
1st May Today they are pedaling east towards Switzerland, but tonight they will make a halt at Montceaux-Ragny (near to Chalon-sur Saône) to see Olivier 's uncle Jacques, who helped them to be autonomous in recharging their multiple batteries.
29 April After a long day of 167 km and more than 1000m of (cumulated) change of level, A&O have arrived in Le Creusot at Olivier 's grandmother 's house.... Extenuated, but but delighted!
27 April A&O left Montpellier yesterday and are heading north through the Massif Central region. This evening they are just north of Puy-en-Velay and bivouac on the banks of the upper Loire, alongside the chateau of Lavoûte-Polignac ! All is well. Tomorrow they head towards Montbrison.
21 April We survived the mosquitoes ! We are now in Montpellier (or close, in a small village lost in the "garrigue "). We 've had another moving meeting with Olivier 's sister, and maybe more in two days with the many friends we had when we were living there... For the moment, we enjoy the sun, and we discover that two days of biking after about 10 lazy days can occasion sore muscles...
19 April After an emotional family reunion with the four parents in Marseille harbour, A&O have spent three days of almost rest with Amanda’s parents, to recharge their batteries (both literally and figuratively), see some friends, have a trip on the sail-boat, and above all, see Amanda 's two little nephews, William and Andrew Searby. They are back on their bikes this morning, heading towards Montpellier to say hello to Celine, Olivier 's 'little ' sister, before starting their trip through the Massif Central. This evening they bivouac in the Camargue "Its beautiful and quiet, but full of mosquitoes! "
13 April Tomorrow we embark for FRANCE! On our arrival in Marseilles on Thursday morning, our two families will be waiting for us. A big family reunion with a lot to say... However our pedalling is not finished yet, we will leave Marseilles early next week for a tour of France and part of Europe. Our arrival in Paris is planned for the end of June.
8 April Bad weather and a bit of 'flu shortened their plans. Amanda & Olivier have arrived in Tunis today, travelling on easier roads. They have booked a crossing from Tunis to Marseille, leaving Tunis on Wednesday 14th.
3 April Our bikers are heading north towards Tunis, preferring small roads and villages where the going is calm. Yesterday they covered a little more than 100 km and this evening they "bivouac on a quiet spot close to a river. "
1st April Amanda & Olivier have left the main road to Gafsa and adventure into the djebel (mountains of) Biadha. After a day of climb, they are hosted this evening by a kind family in the village of Sened (As-Sanad).
30 March "Scorpions in the bivouac! We have just killed one. We will be careful. We are heading towards Gafsa. "
28 March After taking a bus from Tunis to Tatouine, Amanda & Olivier are now pedalling in the desert in the south of Tunisia. This evening they bivouac a few kilometres from Matmata, on the route to Douz.
23 March Amanda & Olivier arrived in Tunis this evening, with no problems. They are staying the night with some friends they met in Damas.
21 March After Luxor, Karnak and the valley of the Kings, a visit of the tombs of the nobles before returning to Cairo by bus, from where we take a plane for Tunis.
17 March "We are in Luxor, magnificent last day in desert: 111km despite headwind! All is well " They are on a campsite, where they have met up with their friends, who came by lorry.
16 March A&O are in a police post somewhere between Kharga and Luxor, blocked by a violent sand-storm! (SMS sent by friends blocked in Al-Karga)
13 March "Wind more comfortable, 106km today despite long lunch break because too hot! Cooking pasta with onions by starlight. "
10 March "Not many km today because of strong headwinds. However the moral is still high despite the 180 km still separating us from the oasis of Dahkla. "
7 March "At the end of the white desert. Yesterday bivouac in the centre! Magical! We love it! "
5 March "8 p.m. have just stopped pedalling. Tailwind since 5 p.m., 40km! But pedalling in the dark is stressing we do not want to do it again. Tomorrow the Libyan desert (or white desert) "
3 March "The wind has turned at last, almost behind us! Midday pause in the middle of the dunes, very pretty, this evening we reach the oasis of Bahariya "
28 February On the 'Oasis route '. Text message at midday: "TERRIBLE headwind can you find a weather forecast? ... Sometimes the mobile phone works better in the desert than in town centre! After consultation, they continue, they do not really have much choice!
27 February "Giza. Very impressive! But the Sphinx is small! We are in the suburbs of Cairo. Tomorrow we leave and go into the desert. "
24 February Amanda & Oliver are in the suburbs of Cairo. Tomorrow they visit the necropolis of Saqqara.
22 February "After battling with a terrible head wind, we have crossed the Suez canal and are on the African continent. Tomorrow we will take a bus to the pyramids of Giza. This evening we make pancakes to celebrate. "
19 February "All is well, we were with Moses on Mount Sinai! ". Tonight Amanda & Olivier bivouac at St Catherine 's. Tomorrow they set off west to the Red Sea and then Suez.
14 February "Egypt! No problem with the customs. Bivouac on a splendid beach, 33 deg C ! Tomorrow we should be in Nuweiba. "
10 February Tonight Amanda and Olivier camp on the beach in Eilat. They will stay until the weekend.
7 February "A great bivouac facing Jordan. " A&O pedal south towards Eilat. All is well again after some problems with the electronics that recharge the mobile batteries.
31 January A&O have left their Israeli friends and pedal south in the Negev desert. Tonight they bivouac on the shore of a small lake, some 20km south-west of Dimona. After the unusual rain of December, the desert is in flower, "Its really beautiful. We are going to see the Ramon Crater ".
27 January A&O visit Jerusalem today.
25 January Amanda and Olivier are in the town of Zichron Ya 'akov. They did the trip from Eilat to Zichron (400km) in their friend 's car!
23 January "We are on the Israeli border (Eilat), all is well, but the formalities are long and complicated - they ask a lot of questions! We are going to spend a few days with some friends in the north of Israel before returning south to Egypt "
20 January Amanda and Olivier have arrived in Aqaba on the Red Sea, where they are welcomed by the sister of their new friend Ali!
17 January "Wadi Rum is really magnificent, impressive. We have spent 2 days touring on dromedaries. Ouch! We can no longer sit without pain! We have made friends with Ali, who has a small restaurant, and we will stay with him a little longer to rest, before going on to Aqaba "
13 January "Today we have made a long and pleasant descent. Tonight we sleep in the desert with the hyenas! We are only 20 km from Wadi Rum where we intend to hike "
12 January "We have spent 2 days in Petra. The site is really impressive. Everything is cut out of solid rock! We are back on the bikes today heading towards Wadi Rum, where we will certainly spend some time hiking "
8 January "We are not far from Petra, which we can see on the horizon. The view is INCREDIBLE: Israel, Palestine, Egypt. Tomorrow we will visit Petra "
6 January "Extenuating day! 1072m climb up from the Dead Sea (-400m), impressive scenery, incredible view, but tired legs. We will be in Petra in 2-3 days "
4 January 2010 "Beautiful day pedalling along the magnificent Dead Sea. This evening we will celebrate the New Year with new friends "
31 December "HAPPY NEAR YEAR to all from Amman! "
30 December "Salam from Jordan! We crossed the border yesterday with no problem. It 's raining, but never mind. We will be in Amman this evening "
28 December Today we are in the historical site of Bosra, visiting an antique Roman amphitheatre. Tomorrow we should cross the border into Jordan, lets hope that the bright blue sky will stay with us a little longer...
27 December After two days of joyful rest (but not much sleep!), we are on the road again heading towards Jordan. We hope to celebrate the New Year in Amman, the capital.
24 December We celebrate Christmas in Damascus with a friendly French family who host us for two days: Christmas tree, presents under the tree, multi-coloured decorations and laughing children. We were afraid we would be alone for Christmas, but no, we could not be luckier! (and there is even 'foie gras ' on the table, mmm)
23 December "We are in Damas! 114 km yesterday! Our first day with a tail wind and sunshine since our arrival in Syria. Heartwarming. We will spend Christmas in the capital, and we wish you all a Very Merry Christmas "
20 December "Have arrived in Palmyre. We slept on terrace of hotel in front of ruins, nice, despite a cold wind. Today we will visit the site. We hope to be in Damas for Christmas "
17 December A&O have left Deir ez-Zor this morning heading west towards Palmyre in the middle of the desert, but had to stop at 3pm because of bad weather: a strong cold headwind with driving rain. "No luck "!
15 December Our travellers have received a particularly warm welcome from the inhabitants of this country, slowing down their progress!. Tonight they bivouac "in the middle of nowhere " and hope to arrive in Deir ez-Zor tomorrow.
13 December A&O are in Ar-Raqqa. All is well. They will now travel south following the Euphrates river.
12 December <<>> 2nd photo album of Madagascar is on-line (main page, or previous photos)
11 December Evening bivouac: "Reached Ath Thawrah at last, near to the lake, after a long horrible detour in the desert!. Rain and gale force wind, but tent OK. Tomorrow we visit castle at Qalaat Jaabar and then Ar Raqqah if we are not blown away. Inch Allah! "
11 December "Lunch break. All OK today. Yesterday got lost in the desert, no road on the map nor on our satnav! Weather damp and cold, 10°C "
8 December Yesterday, A&O visited the basilica of St. Simeon, and slept with the caretaker! This evening they are south of Aleppo.
6 December "Just crossed border to Syria with no problem except pouring rain. Bivouac 10m from border post. Celebrate with a pancake. "
6 December A&O could not take the road that they intended. For security reasons they have taken a more southerly and safer but less interesting route. We talked to them on the phone this morning whilst they were busy repairing a saddle bag that had been torn by an aggressive dog! They are not far from Reyhanli. The weather is dull.
3 December This evening A&O bivouac at Dortyol. The Syrian border is not far away, but first they must cross Dortyol Hassa, a steep mountainous barrier full of hairpin bends and over 1000m to climb. It will take them more than a day, several days if they run into rain.
1 December After several days with nearly 1000m change of altitude, the south coast has flattened at last. Syria is not so far away. We should get to Mersin today, unless we get invited for too many cups of tea...!
27 November A&O head east towards Syria, following the Mediterranean coast. "We have had a short hard day, the coast road is still very mountainous! We are with a super family with many children. Today is the 'Festival of Sacrifice ' (sheep sacrifice)! "
24 November "This evening we watched a sunset over the sea, which is just 4 km from the tent, after a long descent of 81 km (and 690m vertically). It 's much warmer here: 21°C at night! "
21 November Our pedalers bivouac this evening overlooking lake Beysehir in the mountains. The weather is good but cool, particularly at night: 7°C in the tent at sunset. They expect to reach the Mediterranean coast in about 3 days.
16 November A&O pedal along the shores of lake Acigol and bivouac just before Dinar under a grey sky.
14 November Amanda & Olivier have visited the geological curiosity of Pammukale (Cotton Castle in Turkish), a result of the precipitation of calcium carbonate from hot spring water: "Hello from this pretty site, we wish we could stay longer, it 's really interesting. "
13 November After two difficult days of cold rain and mud, Amanda & Olivier have pedaled today in sunshine and bivouac this evening in starlight near to a pretty canyon. They have baked a cake of orange flowers. Their next destination is Pamukkale.
11 November "Near to Usak. Heavy rain all morning, try to keep dry in tent. Back on bikes this afternoon, but bad idea. Track is thick mud. Abandoned after 14km. Everything is covered with mud! "
10 November Amanda and Olivier progress in the mountains with an average of 1000m change of altitude per day. It rains often, but the moral is high.
6 November Amanda & Olivier are now alone again. They are back on their bikes after three weeks "rest ". They have crossed the Marmara Sea by ferry to Bursa, and are now heading south through a mountainous region. They hope they will not meet too much rain or cold winds!
25 October "We arrived at Avanos in Cappadocia a couple of days ago. No telephone in the hotel room and the Internet connection is very slow. However all is well. We have hiked through incredible landscapes and visited underground churches full of 10th century paintings, or even earlier! "
20 October "On the road again... ", but this time by car! Accompanied by Marie-Odile and Jacques, Olivier 's parents, we set off by car towards Cappadocia, in central Turkey.
16 October We are in Istanbul for a couple of days. We have been met, not only by Olivier 's parents, but also by his sister Nathalie and her companion Nico, a surprise visit! We will visit Istanbul together this weekend, then Nathalie and Nico will return to France on Monday and the remaining 4 will set off to discover the rest of Turkey by car! The bikes will remain safely locked up in the hotel in Istanbul.
15 October "Hello from Turkey! We have found a free Internet connection in the airport. This is just to say that all is well, we are extenuated after two nights with almost no sleep, but there were no problems and we did not even have to pay a supplement for the bikes, youpi! We are going to find our couch-surfer, and sleep! "
10 October A&O have arrived in Tananarive this afternoon, after 20 tiring hours in a bush taxi from Diego. Wednesday (14th) they have a flight to Turkey, their next country.
4 October A&O have arrived in Diego Suarez. The end of the road.
3 October Yesterday, A&O were in Ambilobe. Today they pedal on a asphalt road towards Diegeo Suarez. The weather is drier and warmer than on the east coast.
28 September Our cyclists are back on their bikes. Tonight they arrived in Sambava. Tomorrow they should reach Ampanefena, and Vohemar after tomorrow.
26 September Amanda & Olivier are back in Antahala after a trip by bush-taxi to Vohemar, where they spent 3 days with their friend Nina.
21 September Amanda and Olivier have arrived in Antalaha, where they are cleaning up and drying out after a day of pedalling in rain and mud.
16 September After a few days searching at Maroantsetra, A&O have at last found a boat that will take them today to Ambodilaitry on cape Masoala. From there, they will cycle north following the coast. They will probably not be able to send further news before reaching Antalaha.
11 September After admiring the whales around the island of Saint-Marie, A&O have taken a ferry to Maroantsetra in the north of Madagascar, where they will arrive in two days.
5 September A&O have arrived on the island of Saint-Marie after a very rough and frightening crossing. The weather is horrible !
3 September After a good rest we are ready to remount our bikes and catch a ferry to the island of Saint-Marie, where we hope to see some whales.
30 August A&O arrived in Tamatave this morning. Olivier has backache. Otherwise all is well.
27 August "We are at Mahanoro, after two days in a boat on the Pangalanes canal. Setting off on bikes towards Tamatave. Weather not so good "
17 August Amanda & Olivier left this morning by bike, heading towards Manakara. Weather cool and humid.
15 August "We are back in civilisation after a long night (16 hours) in a bush taxi. Arrived at midday in Fianarantsoa and have planted our tent in a convent "
11 August "We are back in Belo. No phone network in Tsingy and bad tracks. Were helped by a 4 wheel drive, but MAGNIFICENT. All well " A&O have spent several days in the limestone mountains of Tsingy de Bemaraha (a UNECSO world heritage site). They now intend follow the river Tsiribihina up to a route that will then take them to the eastern side of the island.
2 August Amanda and Olivier have reached Morondave. They have been obliged to cover much of the distance by bush taxi, because of lack of security. Nevertheless, they enjoy the country, despite Amanda having slight gastric troubles.
29 July After spending a few days with friends, A&O left Antananarivo this morning, heading east towards Morondava. The roads are not excellent, but otherwise no problems. For better security, they try to find bivouac sites in the villages.
23 july "Hello from Madagascar! Have arrived OK, no problems, just a little tired. "
20 July Amanda & Olivier are in Perth, staying with some friends. "All is well, but the weather is horrible: storm winds, rain, hail. We leave the bikes safely sheltered! "
17 July A&O have come back to Adelaide by bus (a 20 hour trip!). Tomorrow they will take a plane to Perth, from where they will fly to Madagascar.
11 July "We have arrived at Alice Springs. Excellent trip, much enjoyed ". A&O now have to find a means of transport to go to Perth, 3000km away, where they catch a plane to Madagascar on 22nd July
30 June "After Ayers Rock, we are setting off towards Kings Canyon. A strong tail wind will help us this afternoon. All is well, we are really enjoying this part of the trip! "
26 June Amanda and Olivier are at Ayers Rock: "Magnificent, fantastic. All is well, blue sky, and the mobile phone has a signal, at last... "
18 June "Hello from Oodnadatta, where we have arrived just in time to celebrate our common birthday in a roadhouse. The road is superb, many friendly tourists, idyllic bivouacs, dry weather, we love it! "
12 June "A quick hello (Internet expensive) from the little village of Marree, on the Oodnadatta track. No phone signal since Hawker and probably not until Alice Springs! All is well, the road is good, not too hot and beautiful, empty but beautiful! Next halt will be Williams Creek. "
8 June "We are in Hawker, the weather is still very wet, but it 's pretty and the wind has turned, it is more often with us than against us! "
6 June "All is well, except for a headwind and low temperatures! We are 20 km from Orroroo. Altitude 630m, for a "flat " region, we have known flatter! "
3 June This evening A&O bivouac in a garden in Grawler. It 's only 10°C, but dry.
2 June The last night in Adelaide. Tomorrow, if the weather is not too wet, they will resaddle and set off north.
1 June Amanda & Olivier have spent three days in Adelaide, hosted by Anna, preparing their trip through the outback to Alice Springs.
28 May Amanda and Olivier are less than 100 km from Adelaide. They are well, but the weather is stormy and they have had problems with bags that are no longer waterproof!
22 May We have made a small detour via cap Nelson to see the sea-lions, and then followed the coast road. Tonight we sleep near to Mount Gambier, and then we will go directly to Adelaide. Blue sky, cool wind. Perfect.
19 May The sun is back at last! The views are sublime and we are warm (except at night, 4°C ...). We have spent two wonderful days pedalling and taking our time along the coastal cliff-tops. Now we speed towards Adalaide.
17 May More cold rain and wind. The pedalling could be more pleasant... We are impatient to see the sun again and we are thankful for our last acquisition, a thermos flask!
17 May "Bivouac facing the site of the '12 apostles ' (Limestone stacks formed by marine erosion). We can hear breaking waves "
14 May Amanda & Olivier progress along the Great Ocean Road. This evening they bivouac on the sea front, with a kangaroo... The weather is showery.
12 May After some last minute shopping in Melbourne this morning, Amanda and Olivier set off on the "Great Ocean Road " towards Adelaide. This evening they sleep "in a football stadium (!). " Cool dry weather, perfect for cycling.
9 May "2 a.m. arrived in Melbourne. Bikes OK & re-assembled. Looking for a quiet spot in the airport where we can sleep. "
4 May After two marvellous dives (in the rain!), the ferry has taken us back to Manila. We have put Heidi and Phileas into the bike hospital for two days for a serious overhaul. The Australian outback will welcome us in four days.
30 April "Have arrived in El Nido after two days of torrential rain! Snorkeling and diving on the program for the next two days. Return ferry to Manila on the 2nd at midnight. "
25 April A & O disembarked in Puerto Princesa this morning. Tonight they bivouac 50 km to the north. All is well.
22 April After "two fabulous dives, turtles, barracudas, etc. Night in a hut on the beach under coconut palms ", A&O are on the ferry to Puerto Princesa on the isle of Palewan.
18 April On the island of Bohol, it is difficult to avoid the frequent tropical rainstorms! After visiting the chocolate-coloured hills, A&O are going to see the tarsiers - the smallest primates in the world - with their enormous eyes.
16 April A & O have left Calbayog on the island of Samar on a ferry where they will spend the night. Tomorrow they will disembark on the island of Bohol. It is hot, but fortunately ice-creams are not expensive.
14 April "Whowee!! Just back from a swim with whale-sharks, lasting more than an hour. It 's seldom that they stay at the surface so long. At least 12m long, they are majestic, beautiful, we are charmed. Big kisses from the country of 'big fishes '. "
13 April A & O are near to Donsol, invited by a family for the night. "Wonderful people! Superb sunset! Tomorrow we hope to swim amongst the whale-sharks. We keep our fingers crossed. "
11 April A & O are in Lucena, south of Manila, heading towards Naga and Legazpi, where they hope to see whale sharks. The buses will not take bikes, but the people are very helpful and everybody speaks (some) English.
5 April Amanda and Olivier landed in Manila this morning. "We are in a bus, on our way to see some friends, have a rest and recuperate for a couple of days. Blue sky, people friendly, no mosquitoes (so far), and prices reasonable ".
4 April Amanda & Olivier left Hanoi, yesterday. At present they are in transit in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, waiting for their flight to Manila in the Philippines. They have had some problems with overweight luggage, but that is now sorted out. Tired, short of sleep and Amanda has a bad cold, they will be thankful to land in Manila.
30 March A two-day boat-trip in the Ha Long bay. "We are in the middle of the bay, beautiful, but the weather is dull. Incredible grottoes! "
28 March "We are in a hotel 50 km from Hanoi. The weather has cleared, at last. We hope to reach Hanoi tomorrow evening "
26 March Mu Cang Chai. The team spent last night in a guesthouse. It was raining this morning, so they laid in until 8 a.m. and had a copious breakfast before leaving. This evening it is still raining, becoming stormy, and they will be sleeping in the tent, not far from Tu Le!
24 March Tonight Amanda, Florence and Olivier bivouac in rice-fields. "The weather was misty today. A shame, because the highest summits of Vietnam are not far away! We intend to return to Hanoi by bike if we don 't run out of time. "
21 March An unfriendly policemen, horrible weather and greasy roads... Some days are better than others! Apart from that we are well. Lao Cai, on the Chinese border is too far away, tomorrow we will finish the trip by bus.
18 March In the mountains to the northwest of Hanoi. Bivouac in a hut 20°58.22N 104°42.35E. Roads steep. Pretty, but misty, a shame. However people very friendly.
13 March "Vinh -> Ninh Binh by bus. Tomorrow we will leave the guesthouse very early to discover the beautiful 'Ha Long Bay ', after which we will head for the mountains "
12 March "We have crossed into Vietnam, our 18th country! For the moment the people are friendly, bivouac in the jungle on the shore of a river, 40km from the border. 20 000 km on the clock. "
11 March "Pedalling today on an inhospitable road, everything is dead, cut, burnt or flooded, because of a new dam. Tonight we bivouac in an abandoned shed "
6 March "Arrived in Savannakhet at midday, 45 degrees Celsius, covered in sweat and dust. A much-needed shower for us and for the bikes in a guest-house. Tomorrow we continue north towards Vietnam "
5 March "Yesterday we celebrated Florence 's 2000th kilometer: pancakes in a hut with cows underneath! Tomorrow we should reach Savannakhet "
1st March "Bivouac in the village of Tadlo, next to a waterfall and a restaurant! "
27 February Amanda and Olivier are in Paksong, on the Boloven plateau, to the east of Pakse. All is well.
25 February "Have spent 2 days on pretty tourist island of Don Det. Today 100km. Tomorrow we will be in Pakse "
22 February Amanda, Florence and Olivier have crossed the border into the south of Laos. Bivouac alongside an immense waterfall. It 's still very hot.
20 February Quiet bivouac in the school-yard of O Preah (60 km south of Stung Treng) on the road that follows the banks of the Mekong river. It 's hot: 43 Celsius...
17 February Florence has now pedalled more than 1000km! Celebrated with pancakes and banana fritters.
16 February Amanda,Florence and Olivier have left Phnom Penh and are heading north along the right bank of the Mekong river. They will cross it at Kampong Cham and head towards the south of Laos. The bikes are repaired, all is well.
14 February We are in Phnom Penh for two days. We dream about snow, it 's really too hot here! We are well, but the bikes need some maintenance - rear bearing and spokes for Heidi, left pedal for Phileas. We will repair them before attacking the trails in Laos.
13 February Our three cyclists are on their way to Phnom Penh. At present they are in Kompong Thmor, after another 100km day and a visit to the temple of Prasat Sambor.
5 February We are in Angkor... Florence has done well on asphalt, we will soon test our "Guest star " on a dirt track! Beautiful temples in sight, we will tell you about them later.
2 February Amanda Florence and Olivier have crossed the border into Cambodia, their 17th country, and are heading towards the historical site of Angkor.
29 January Hello from Bangkok! We arrived by hitch-hike yesterday, and we are staying with some friends. It is nice to be able to have a cold shower in this heat. This evening we will welcome Florence, a very good friend from France. She comes to pedal with us for the next two months. Globicyclette has a new "Guest Star ".
24 January We have arrived in Sukhotai, after visiting the temples of SiSatchanalai just to north. For the last three days, our daily average has been high: over 100 km/day! Tomorrow we will visit the historical site of old Sukhotai, and then we will head for Bangkok.
19 January Amanda and Olivier have crossed the border into Thailand. They are heading south towards Sukhotai.
16 January 82 km today! They camp just outside Luang Namtha (Laos), where they experiment a new culinary recipe: Sautéed noodles with bananas!
15 January Amanda and Olivier are making good progress in the mountains of Laos. Yesterday they covered 70km with 1700m change of altitude! The nights are cold, but they have a warm sun during the day.
11 January Amanda and Olivier have arrived in Luang Prabang where they will stay for for two days. All is well.
8 January 2009 Amanda and Olivier are on the road since yesterday, but starting gently... By bus as far as Vang Vieng, and then on the bikes in the mountains, on their way to Luang Prabang. Their muscles have softened in Vientiane!
31 December Amanda and Olivier wish everyone Happy New Year ! They left ERAN and the children yesterday, but are still in Vientiane, preparing to spend New Year 's eve with French friends. They will soon head for Luand Prabang (in the north of Laos). Olivier is fighting presently with a cold but apart from that they are fine and happy to be soon back on their beloved bikes.
6 December Amanda has had a bad reaction to anti-malaria pills, now under control after a medical consultation in Thailand (on advice from the French Embassy). They now are both well in this little family-sized association. The little Laotians are assiduous. A&O also help to arrange the future bungalows for volunteer workers, and the garden for medicinal plants.
22 November We have settled into our new sedentary life. We have been confirmed as language teachers to 90 schoolchildren, and they are learning quickly. They have all more or less assimilated the Latin alphabet and their first phrase "I am eating a pineapple ". Apart from that we are helping Hervé in the garden, Toun in the house and we sometimes baby-sit with Noa, their baby boy. We visit the region by bike, or on a scooter, and we have celebrated our 8 years together in a restaurant!
12 November "We are enjoying ourselves and all is well... we are back to a sedentary existence and it seems funny! " Amanda & Olivier are teaching French: "We have two classes with a total of 76 children, for the moment they are very calm, but they don 't speak any French. We have started with the alphabet this morning. For the moment we are very occupied preparing the lessons. We also help with the garden. " They have neither a fixed telephone, nor local internet access.
6 November Amanda and Olivier have crossed the border into Laos. They are with ERAN (, a humanitarian association, 20km from Vientiane, where they will work for the next two months.
2 November "After 2 days crossing a mountain, we find that the route is blocked by floods. We have turned back, a 70 km round trip for nearly nothing, except for the sight of a beautiful waterfall. " A&O are not progressing very fast.
30 October Amanda & Olivier are pedalling towards Laos. The monsoon season has not finished yet and they progress with difficulty. "We are close to Chaiyaphum in our sauna-tent, its raining and we are surrounded by frogs! "
24 October Tonight A&O are in a little hotel, under a ventilator. It is hot, 34°C! Tomorrow they will visit the historique city and temple of Ayutthaya.
23 October Amanda and Olivier are pedalling towards Vientiane, the capital of Laos.
18 October A&O are 20 km from Bangkok. They are invited by "bel Margot éPenilen " (?!) The weather is gray, but they appreciate the change of diet!
18 October "We have just landed in Thailand, extenuated from lack of sleep. We are both OK, the bikes also. "
12 October Amanda and Olivier have come down from the mountains. They expect to arrive in Almaty tomorrow.
6 October Amanda & Olivier are in Kazakhstan. They will be in Almaty in a week, via the Charyn Canyon.
4 October We now total over 15000 km! We are just back from the beautiful 'Jety Ogus ' valley, tomorrow we intend to cross the border back into Kazakhstan on our way back to Almaty.
28 September We are in Karakol, where we are having a rest after our fabulous trip in the magnificent mountains! We have another week in front of us before we return to Kazakhstan. We will explore the beautiful valleys in the area...
23 September "Have come down earlier than intended because too much wind. Have climbed to summit at 4630m, incredible view. A little tired, resting around lake Issyk Koul. " SMS contact now possible again, but no internet before they get to the town of Karakol, further east, but they do not yet know when.
19 September Olivier has hitch-hiked down from the mountains to send an SMS: "We have crossed the mountain range, and we are well despite two days spent pushing and carrying, hard, but so beautiful, extraordinary. " He has returned by the same means. They will stay in altitude another 5 days.
8 September Tonight Amanda and Olivier camp at lake Song Kul, altitude 3100m -8°C, "breathtaking ". All is well. They should be in Naryn in a couple of days.
6 September SMS: "We are at Chaek, near to lake Song Kul. Mountains beautiful! "
4 September After having climbed 1300m, Amanda and Oliver sleep tonight at 3126m altitude on the Tyuz Ashuu pass. The weather is cool, but otherwise all is well
31 August Amanda and Olivier have gone from Almaty to Bishkek by car. They are now in Kyrgyzstan.
23 August Hitch-hiking has worked. Amanda and Olivier will sleep at Almaty.
23 August Amanda and Olivier continue their route towards Almaty. Here is their latest SMS "We are near to the river Ily, beautiful, but 39degC. This evening will hitch-hike to Almaty since motorway not fun & Amanda has a bad throat. "
15 August After being reassured about the security in the south-east of Kazakhstan, Amanda and Olivier have stopped hitch-hiking near to lake Alakol. They are now pedalling towards Taldykorgan.
10 August O&A have crossed the Russio-Kazakh border on the 9th, are now in Semey, and intend to go south to the town of Taldykorgan by truck.
6 August We are now back on the road, after a cloudy eclipse and two excellent days in the company of Krys, a very good friend that came to see us (and the eclipse) in Russia. We are presently pedalling towards Kazakhstan. We are in a hurry for the visa, so we might try to hitch-hike to get faster to the border: wish us luck !
1st August After quite a few problems at the border, including four days lost and a huge fine to pay, A&O are today in Byisk, Russia, just on time to see the total solar eclispe.
23 July Cell phone not working! Here is a summary of an e-mail sent via a Mongolian laptop+cell-phone working off a car battery!: "We are at Tudevty after 4 days of rain and Olivier has a sore throat. We are trying to find a lorry to take us to border with Russia, but not easy in this desolate country. "... "Ah, a glimpse of the sun at long last "
18 July Amanda and Olivier have recuperated their bikes and resumed their route pedalling east. They are at the "White Lake " near to Khorgo.
14 July Bastille day! We are back in Ulaan Baatar after a 23h trip in a lorry on horrible tracks... We have left Phileas and Heidi 700km behind us. All that, to recuperate our passports and visas for Russia, but now we have them! We will now go back to Phileas and Heidi and continue our route west, to Russia!
10 July Amanda and Olivier are in Tsetserleg, suffering from heavy rain that slows them down!
3 July Latest text message from Hishig-Ondor in the mountains. We are well, but lots of heavy rain. Not pleasant. We stop here to dry out with a kind family. Today is annual festival, and the sun shines! We have a number of mechanical problems.
27 June After spending a week with a lovely family, we have obtained our visas for Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, and re-welded our bikes in strategic places. We have to leave our passeports in the Russian embassy, where we will collect them with visas in 17 days, nothing is simple. We are now ready to leave for the mountains of western Mongolia!
26 June Amanda & Olivier our in the suburbs of Ulaan Baatar since 21st June. The weather conditions are deplorable, but they are living with a Mongol family in their ger (Yurt), whilst going through the formalities of obtaining visas for the next countries in their trip.
20 june Amanda & Olivier are 65 kms from Ulaan Baatar. SMS: "Oh la la. Violent storm, street become a river, impossible to move. Have shelter, will sleep here. 2 other cyclists carried away by current, OK , but lost their bikes! If weather improves, will make Ulaan Baatar tomorrow "
17 June "We are in Ayrag in a 'ger ' (or yurt, large mongolian tent), invited by a family during a sandstorm. Difficult yesterday, sand everywhere, but a tail-wind. We used our 'sails '! Heading towards Ulaan Baatar "
12 June "In a small village in the Gobi desert, Mongolia, but Mobile phone has signal! Mongols v kind, stop to give water and biscuits. No road, just sand. We follow electricity lines. "
9 June "Soon in Mongolia. Chinese are friendly, but incomprehensible! Not much pedalling. After hitch-hike on lorry, tonight train to the border. Roads bad, much traffic, heavily polluted "
6 June "Hello from the Great Wall of China! It 's impressive, and misty... Amanda has a cold and Olivier takes photos "
28 May China ! We made it ! We are in Peking, somewhat exhausted after four bad nights sleeping in Hong-Kong airport, but we got our visas. We are now about to discover Asia, but for the moment the prospects are not easy. We don 't understand a word of Chinese, and nobody speaks English, Help!
25 May We have left New Zealand and Olivier 's Parents, not without difficulty. Today, and for a couple of days, we are in Hong-Kong occupied with the formalities of obtaining a visa to enter China. It is not easy because of last-minute restrictions brought on by the Olympic Games. Wish us good luck !
16 May "We are on the North Island, more urbanised than the South Island, but still beautiful. This morning we saw our first kiwis! (OK they were in a park, but still..), and other birds with strange names : a beautiful kaka and a hihi (true!). Tomorrow we attack the geysers and bubbling mud swamps in the centre of the Island... "
13 May "We are on a campsite just before catching a ferry to the North Island. We have visited the region by bike using the hiking paths (!) and we met up with Olivier 's parents again yesterday. "
8 May "We are at the northern extremity of the South Island. Olivier 's parents are making our life easy. "
3 May We have met up with Olivier 's Parents! They have hired a camping-car to visit New Zealand. We have hung our bikes on the back, and we are taking advantage of a luxury holiday... Nevertheless we do some pedalling when the trip is worth it. For the moment we are travelling up the western coast of the South Island. The weather is chilly, and even snowy, but the landscapes are magnificent...
24 April "We have arrived in Queenstown, New Zealand after 24h of travel... exhausted. The sun is shining, but we are looking for a camp site where we can have some sleep. "
22 April "We are back from the other extremity of the island, we have profited up to the very last minute of our stay, it was marvelous. Tomorrow we leave for New Zealand! "
15 April From Easter Island "All is well, we are on this mythical island, it 's marvelous! "
8 April We have left Argentina for the last time. We are in Melipeuco, Chile, still in the lake region, but we will soon take a bus to Santiago. Our next mission is to take a flight to Easter Island... Perhaps we will find a forgotten chocolate egg?
1 April We are in Villarrica where "we hope to see the beautiful and famous Villarrica volcano, of which we caught just a glimpse yesterday "
27 March After the town of Entre Lagos, we are once again in Argentina. We have followed trail of the "7 lakes " and have arrived at San Martin de los Andes. Tomorrow we leave for Junin, where we will bear left towards Villarrica in Chile.
17 March We have desembarked at Puerto Montt. After doing some repairs to the bikes, we intend to go again into the mountains and lake district, and make our way north towards Santiago.
13 March In a few hours we will board the ferry to take us north through the canals of Patagonia
11 March We are back in Puerto Natales, after 7 days hiking in the Torres del Paine Nature Reserve, our heads are filled with all the beautiful things we have seen. We are now preparing to leave on a 5-day boat cruise, through the inaccessible parts of the Patagonian coast of Chile, to reach Puerto Montt, our next destination.
3 March "After a hike in the 'Tierra de Fuego ', we have left Ushuaia by bus early this morning (with our bikes!) and we are in Punta Arenas waiting for a connection to Puerto Natales, where we should arrive this evening. "
27 February "We arrived in Ushuaia yesterday. We are very busy repairing the bikes and shopping "
23 February "We have reached Rio Grande, on the Atlantic coast. We are only 120 miles from Ushuaia! "
20 February "Hello from 'Tierra del Fuego '! We have crossed the Strait of Magellan! "
16 February "We are in Puerto Natales in southern Chile, with a decent Internet connection at last. All is well. Our next destination will be Ushuaia. "
12 February "Hello from El Calafate in Argentina after visiting the glacier of Perito Moreno, one of the wonders of the world. The "hell track " after Villa O 'Higgins was not as hard as we feared, but we are glad to get back onto asphalt. Internet connexion here is very slow! So no photos or diaries yet "
5 February "We have defeated the Carretera Austral ! We didn 't expect it to be so difficult.. We are now at Villa O 'Higgins and catch a Ferry tomorrow. Another difficult track and then we will be in Argentina. "
2 February A&O are at Cochrane on the Carretera Austral. They hope to catch a ferry at O 'Higgins on Wednesday 6th, but they still have a long way to go.
28 January We are at Coyhaique in Chile. We will continue to follow the Carretera Austral south to it 's terminus, and then cross back to into Argentina by a ferry from Villa O 'Higgins on the Lake of the same name. We have caught sunburn!
25 January "We are at La Junta on the 'Carretara Austral '. We are enjoying ourselves, we can bathe in the river, and our legs ache. "
22 January A&O have recovered their bikes in San Carlos de Bariloche, and are pedalling again. Olivier has had a problem with his derailleur, replaced in Esquel. Today they have crossed the border into Chile, at Futaleufu. They now intend to pedal south on the famous "Carretera Austral "
16 January A&O have arrived by bus in Mendoza. They hope to be in San Carlos de Bariloche soon.
14 January To catch up on our schedule, we should be in a bus to San Carlos de Bariloche, but we have a problem: the bus cannot take our bikes; we have to send them separately. But we have to wait 3 days. We are in a campsite near to Tucuman, frustrated! "
10 January 2008 "We are in Cafayate, Argentina. We took the main road, because the tracks, apparently, were in a very bad state. We are behind schedule and we hope to find a bus to take us south. Apart from needing to take a bus, we are OK and all is well. "
4 January 2008 Amanda and Olivier have left Bolivia over the south border, crossed part of Chile and entered Argentina, all at 4500+ m altitude. They are now at Jujuy, where they are trying to repair Phileas ' ailing chainring.
31 December 2007 No new news of Amanda and Olivier for the moment. They are in a very isolated region of the Bolivian Mountains (or maybe Chilean now?)
22 December "We are in the town of Uyuni, after 3 days pedalling across the Salar d 'Uyuni. Magnificent! We are well, but full of salt. We now plan to go to the southern Lipez region in Bolivia, a change from the planned itinerary. Internet connections are extremely difficult. We are sorry that we are unable to upload our photos and travel logs for the moment.
18 December "We have just crossed the Salar de Coipasa... fabulous! We are covered in salt. Our next destination is the town of Salinas de Garcia Mendoza and then the Salar de Uyuni. "
15 December Amanda and Olivier are well. They have just crossed the border from Chile into Bolivia at Colchane. Communication links are almost inexistent. They are heading towards the Salar de Uyuni and expect to be in the town of Uyuni in about 10 days.
9 December We are now in Chile, steadily gaining altitude as we pedal up into the Andes. We are close to 4000 m this evening, our legs are aching, but we are pleased. We are nearing the Bolivian border, where we intend to visit the "Salar de Surire ".
5 December After spending a week in Arequipa, where we also visited the "Canyon del Colca ", we have crossed the Peruvian desert and are now at Tacna, heading toward the border with Chile. A lot of uphill pedaling, but otherwise all is well.
23 November A&O have arrived in Arequipa after a difficult crossing of the Andes Mountains: snow, hail and rain... and often at more than 4000m altitude. However they are happy and in good form.
17 November We have done some hard pedalling since Cuzco. We have climbed through a pass at 4338m and made a new record of 84 km in one with a (positive) change in altitude of 1004m.! On the whole we have been lucky with the weather, despite the low temperatures and some showers. We are now in Juliaca. Tomorrow, we will go to see lake Titicaca, before setting off towards Arequipa.
8 November Hello from Machu Picchu (the "Lost City of the Incas"). It is impossible to come by bike. We have done the whole 40 km of the Inca Trail on foot. We are exhausted, but it's worth the effort. We will be back in Cuzco in 3 days
1 November We have come down 4000 m from the white Andes and are now on the sea front at Trujillo !
28 October All is well, we have a superb trek into the "canyon del Pato".
26 October We are now in Yungay, a little village in the white Andes. We have just come back from a 4 day trek on foot into the hights (4750 m). We have had rain, rain, snow, hail, but also sunshine and beautiful views ... we are extenuated, but delighted! In the village there is a fiesta.
18 October We have taken a bus into the mountains. We are now at Huaraz, in the white Andes, to the north of Lima. We have done our first pedalling at an altitude of (nearly) 4000 meters. A little short of breath, otherwise everything is perfect.
14 October We are in Lima.
12 October Globicyclette is in a hotel! We are in transit in Madrid, and leave tomorrow for Peru. For the moment, Olivier's parents and Amanda's mother have come to see us and we are making the most of this little stopover with our family (and changing tyres, washing clothes,...).
6 October Here we are in Saint Louis, Senegal. It is a little cooler (relative) at last. We have set up our tent on the beach campsite. We are relaxing... In two days we will return to Nouakchott to catch our plane to Peru.
4 October After traversing the little towns of Aleg et Bogué in Mauritania, we have hired a taxi-pirogue to cross the river into Senegal. We are now on our way to Rosso, where we hope to arrive in two days. All is well!
29 September We have arrived in Nouakchott, on the coast, after a difficult trip of 480 km through the desert between Atar and Nouakchott: we have suffered a lot from the heat! Apart from that, all is well, we will rest here for two days to recover before setting off further south.
21 September Arrived back in Atar this afternoon... after 160km on a trail with a tyre held together by stitches using a nylon fishing line!
17 September Big problems with the tyres ... at Azougi, an oasis not far from Atar. A&O hope to do a temporary repair and go as far as Chinguetti, but no further (as planned). The trail is really too bad!
13 September A&O crossed the border into Mauritania yesterday, on their BIKES! They called home from Nouhadibou and are planning to leave this afternoon by the "Dersert Train". All is well, both health and spirits!
10 September We have made it as far as Dakhla.... but we are 6 days behind schedule!
8 September "We have been blocked in Guelmim for two days. It's the end of school holidays and all the buses are fully booked. Tomorrow we will try to take a small bus to Tan-Tan, then a LandRover-taxi to Layoune where we hope to find a bus to Dakhla. Then "Inch Allah". Here you have to learn to be patient (sigh)!!"
5 September It's 13h30... 11h30 in Sidi Ifni, O&A are in a web café on the sea front (temperature 28°C) a few days behind schedule. The will probably reach Guelmim tomorrow, where they will take a bus towards the border with Mauritania.
1 September We leave Agadir heading south, our next destination is Guelmim, the "Gateway to the Desert".
30 August Agadir, on a campsite next to the beach. It is cooler. All is going well!
28 August We are on our way to Agadir, but make detours into the mountains to escape from the heat.
25 August We have arrived in Ouarzazate
17 August Olivier is ill! He has sunstroke! We must rest a while, and then make shorter hops towards Ouarzazate
16 August After visiting Marrakesh, we have taken a bus to Er Rachidia, 47°C in the sun. Our next destinations are Erfoud and Merzouga in the Atlas mountains.
13 August We have arrived at Marrakesh in Morocco, without our bikes, which stayed behind in London! It 's hot, very hot!
12 August We travel from Paris to London (on our way to Morocco)
10 August Goodbye Iceland! On our way back to Paris
8 August A hot swim in the therms at Reykjavik